Never forget to take your vitamins again

SmartThings, IFTTT, Zapier, and Slack to the rescue

When I worked at Segment, we built bots to complete annoying and mundane tasks. Wishing for something similar at home, I built a series of triggers so that Slackbot records the last time I took my vitamins and then reminds me when I need to take them again.

To begin, I used a multipurpose sensor from SmartThings (used to alert when a door or window opens or closes) and using this awesome duck date, I taped it to the vitamin bottle:

Next, for each time the sensor closes, I used an IFTTT recipe to trigger a Slack message telling me that I just took a vitamin:

I also had to set another trigger to a Google sheet that records the time the bottle closed (since I wasn’t able to get IFTTT to properly send a /remind message to Slack):

Lastly, I connected Zapier to that Google sheet and created a Zap to Slack with a /remind me to take my vitamins in 12 hours message:

If I get the slack message when I’m not near my vitamins, I can just hit remind me in 15 minutes option, and get a new notification later.

This reminder has been so helpful that I am going to replicate a similar project using a Raspberry Pi and a sensor connected to the dog food container. That way both my husband and I know when the dawgs have been fed and unfortunately for them, prevent double dinners.