1. Farewell Segment

    Written three years ago after submitting my resignation to Segment

  2. What database should I use?

    Use a relational database like PostgreSQL unless you have a specific reason not to

  3. Promises

    What are promises

  4. Never forget to take your vitamins again

    SmartThings, IFTTT, Zapier, and Slack to the rescue

  5. Newborn percentiles

    How did the nurse know that my son was born in the xth percentile?

  6. Python and SQLAlchemy

    Interacting with a SQL database using SQLAlchemy

  7. When to ship without analytics


  8. Python and the Twitter API

    Run basic text analytics on a collection of Tweets

  9. When to sign in with your Google account

    Or Twitter, Facebook or any other account that provides the service

  10. Build a simple website and implement Segment

    5 steps. Completion time 45 minutes

  11. ASCII, Unicode and alphanumeric lists

    Intricacies of native sorting